About Brickstreet

Established in July of 2001 Brick Street has been serving the area for almost 20 years. As you walk into the building there is a great deal of history, before Michael & Jackie Jablonski bought the property and business in 2000. The building was originally called  the Stonehearth. It was built and owned by several area families. It was eventully purchased by John Klobachar of Big Johns fame who also called it the Stonehearth. One day John took a trip to Michael's office and basically said, "Michael you great at fixing things, you are buying the Stonehearth from me."  A deal was cut and the rest is history.  Michael closed the Stonehearh buiness operated by John, then  remodeled the building and opened up as the  Brick Street.

In 2007 additonal renovations took place when the patios on the north and south side of the builidng were added, as well as two additional dining and private functions rooms.

In 2020, during the shutdown another major remodeling occurred, changing decor, adding a 12-seat board room with audio-visual, adding six small private dining areas.  Each private dining area will host from 2 to 6 guests.  This is very unique for our area. We are building a restaurant for the future. We are now 20 years and still growing. Stop by as we would love to show you our changes.