About Brickstreet

Estabished in July of 2001 Brick Street has been serving the area for almost 20 years. As you walk into the building there is a great deal of history before Michael & Jackie Jablonski bought the building in 2000. The buidling was oringally call the Stonehearth, it was built and owned by several area families, it was eventully purchased by John Klobachar of Big Johns sub fame who also called it the Stonehearth. One day John took a trip to Michaels office and basically said, Michael you are buying the Stonehearth from  me. A deal was cut and the rest is history.  Michael closed the Stonehearh buiness operaed by John, then  remodeled the building and opened up as the  Brick Street.
In 2007 additonal renovations took place when the patios onthe north and south side oif the builidng were added as well as two additional dining and private functions rooms.
Except for take out, Brick Street is  currently closed as a result of the Govenors order. We are sitting back an  complaining during these crazy and unpredicitable times,  Brick Street is under going a few more changes,  as we are builidng your restaruant for the future. We cannot wait for you to experiance Brick Street as we come out of this crisis and head to our new beginning.